Many homes in Minnesota have impressive and beautiful lawns. If you don’t feel like your own lawn is up to par, you don’t need to worry! These simple ideas will help you to spruce up your yard in no time at all!

1. Get Rid Of Brown Sections

A brown spot in an otherwise green yard can really distract from your lawn’s appearance. Care for your lawn and have your lawnmower blades sharpened regularly. That way, this shouldn’t be a big problem. Or better yet, hire a Minneapolis lawn service to take care of it all year long.

2. Create A Front Yard Pathway

Are people always trampling all over your grass? If they are, you should look into making some kind of pathway through your front yard. That way, people will always have a safe place to step.

3. Keep An Eye On Your Dog

If you have a pooch, make sure that they don’t relieve themselves on your lawn. Urine can cause real damage to a lawn. Keep an eye out for your neighbor’s dogs as well. Don’t be afraid to speak up if they are letting their dog go on your lawn.

These landscape improvement tips are perfect for any Minnesotan home. If you want the best yard on the block, make sure you give these suggestions a try.

Many landscaping tips simply don’t hold true in Minnesota. The cold will kill off a lot of landscape plants that are suitable for other areas of the United States because it gets much colder in Minnesota than in other parts of the country for much longer, and the cold starts much earlier in the year. For this reason, you will have to closely consult and find out which USDA agricultural zone you are located in, because this will have a huge effect on which types of plants you can use in your landscape. There are, however, some plants that are hardy in just about any place no matter how cold, so you will not be totally out of options in terms of your landscaping.

If your area allows it based on the temperature as well as the land patterns and geography – because shade patterns and local temperature can actually be strongly influenced by local rivers and hills as well as forest cover – one of the most interesting landscape ideas is to plant fruit trees. Most types of fruit tree will freeze, but there are some great hardy apple tree varieties that can be a delicious and beautiful addition to your landscape.